Tit Attack: The Busty Asian Hooker

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Tit Attack: The Busty Asian Hooker

Minka has enjoyed a long and distinguished modeling career, and she's still going strong. The October '14 SCORE magazine celebrated 20 years of Minka with a cover and a 10-page spread that also looked at her videos including this scene from Tit Attack.

In this scene, the notorious hot-sheet fuck palace called The No-Tell Motel is the setting where Minka provides mega-boobed full service. He's been cruising with a pocketful of cash when luck strikes. He sees Minka in a tiny dress on the street outside the motel and is prepared to fall in love inside the No-Tell's "Jungle Paradise" room with mirrored ceiling and a vibrating bed that takes dollars.

During the production of the opening street scene, Minka's imposing presence was not overlooked by a lot of horny, horn-blasting drivers. Luckily, no one was rear-ended and no hapless pedestrians were run over. This is Miami, after all, city with the worst drivers in America.

Matt turns out to be a fussy, verbally demanding customer… Read More »
Featuring: Minka
Date: September 11th, 2023
Duration: 20:35

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