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Big Oil Spill

Just check out Minka's trim body in a red-hot string bikini at poolside in this video. She's never looked better and her fit physique puts burger-eating teenagers to shame. Oiling up her national treasures has always required a lot of petroleum products but Minka is worth every drop. All Minka fans know she dearly loves to keep tan.

She calls over SCORE prop-man Tony to rub her down and make her sexy body shine in the Florida sun. Minka's tits glisten and shine and the rubbing has made her tingle. She could use the cock. First, between her incredible breasts, then in her mouth and pussy. They head into the house for their private party. Minka towers over Tony but there's an old tradition in the big-boobed world of short guys banging tall bra-busters. "You've got big tits," says Tony, who's never met Minka before and is probably shell-shocked. "I know I have big tits, " Minka replies with authority. "But I've got a small mouth and a small pussy!"

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Featuring: Minka
Date: August 21st, 2023
Duration: 20:34

Member Comments

1 month ago 

I come / cum back to this video over and over again - first she weighs her melons carefully (at 04:55 min), then his balls (at 05:38 min), which are also quite impressive - but nothing compared to his hard and long broomstick, which makes Minka and the viewers stare in disbelief

1 month ago 

What a wonderful pair of tits...

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