Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls

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Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls

In this hardcore superhero parody, the man in the mask carries the super-stacked limp bodies of mega-boobed superstars Minka and Kayla into his hideout and lays them out on the bed. Kayla wakes up first, then she wakes Minka up. The man known as Blue Balls couldn't have kidnapped any more down-and-dirty porn pros than these two busty legends for his nefarious plans.

The battle begins as both Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Balls' cock to suck and fuck him dry. And they have the skills to do it. No man can survive their cock onslaught when they team up. He was no longer Blue Balls when these two were done with him. They got all his super-hero nut-juice. Truly an amazing sight. This scene is in the DVD SCORE Xtra 5 and in the super-edition 3 hour DVD Maximum Minka. Read More »
Featuring: Minka
Date: August 14th, 2023
Duration: 29:19

Member Comments

I love to fuck you both over night and Cum in you two with out condoms..

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