The Adventures of Super-Minka

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The Adventures of Super-Minka

"You like the big nipples, baby?" Minka asks Jim, who's preoccupied by Minka's famous protruding nips. Her nickname is "Nipple #1." She has nipples that can cut glass. Minka points out that there's some fruit on the table but he's not especially interested. He's absorbed by her equally famous mega-boobs.

"I'm gonna feed you," Jim says as she rubs his junk through his pants. He runs a bunch of grapes over Minka's gigantic hooters, then holds it to her mouth so she can bite off a grape, then transfer it to him mouth-to-mouth. A strawberry is next.

Jim holds up an orange to Minka's tits. Then some melons. Forget it. He'll need to find a giant watermelon to compare a piece of fruit to Minka's fruits.

The fruits of their labors lead to Minka sucking Jim's cock and Jim eating Minka's neatly trimmed peach. He shoehorns his pussy-stretcher into Minka's very tight slit and starts pumping the pink. As she's banged hard in doggie, Minka's face says it all. As she put it, "Little dicks are… Read More »
Featuring: Minka
Date: March 4th, 2024
Duration: 18:15

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