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In this hardcore superhero parody, the man in the mask carries the super-stacked limp bodies of mega-boobed superstars Minka and Kayla into his hideout and lays them out on the bed. Kayla wakes up first, then she wakes Minka up. The man known as Blue Balls couldn't have kidnapped any more down-and-dirty porn pros than these two busty legends for his nefarious plans. The battle begins as both Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Balls' cock to suck and fuck him dry. And they have the skills to do it. No man can survive their cock onslaught when they team up. He was no longer Blue Balls when these two were done with him. They got all his super-hero nut-juice. Truly an amazing sight. This scene is in the DVD SCORE Xtra 5 and in the super-edition 3 hour DVD Maximum Minka.
The fucking machine is already pumping when Minka walks into the bedroom. She takes one look at it and says, "Oh, my god. What is that? So big. So huge." Minka examines it, holds it in her hands and squeezes it, then puts the head in her mouth. Minka was never a size queen so her reaction is not unexpected. She's said many times she has a very tight pussy. "With big dicks, I cannot move," Minka said. "I can fuck, but it's hard. Little dicks are much better. I love them. Having sex with a big dick is like playing three sets of tennis! My pussy is numb!" With the controller at her side, Minka takes off her heels. She lowers her dress to expose her world-famous 44KK-cup tits and lifts it up to show her pussy and big clit. She runs the rubber cock through her cleavage first. Going slow, Minka eases the tip of the monster dildo into her pussy and adjusts the pumping speed. It's a new model so the motor doesn't make a racket like the older machines. As the cock head cycles in and out, Minka rubs her engorged clit. And for the doggie, Minka removes her dress, turns around, inserts the prick-shaped pussy pumper and rubs her clit some more. In doggie, more of the attached dildo burrows into Minka's pussy. "Oh my god," Minka says again when she gets up to leave the bedroom. If it could play tennis, Minka would have taken it home to Las Vegas.
During the Big '90s era of the classic SCORE Girls such as LA Bust, Traci Topps, Angelique and many more, girl-girls were very popular. It was also a way to get some explicit sex (at least in the video version of a scene) with the girls who would not fuck guys on-camera, such as Colt 45 and Tawny Peaks. East Meets Chest was Minka's first girl-girl in November 1994 SCORE immediately following her debut in the October '94 issue. Minka was paired with the queen of the mainstream internet as she would be known a few years later, Danielle "Danni" Ashe. To charter SCORE Men, the realization that Minka and Danni had at it twenty years ago may be a jolt. Danni only did girl-girls, as many big bust fans know, and did a lot of them at the SCORE studio in London, England. Her bed (or couch) partners in the '90s included SaRenna, Chloe Vevrier, Becky Sunshine, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lisa Lipps, Traci Topps, the late Valerie Fields and more. Most of these buxom beauties out-gunned naturally busty 32FF Danni in the breast department but not in the worship of nipples, pussies and other girl bits. So she was a hot sex-buddy for newcomer Minka. At this time, Minka wasn't the mega-boobed "Tit-an" she would gradually become, so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and brunette Asian hottie getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native. In the first part, Danni is the assertive one, licking Minka's furry cunt and stiffening her hyper-sensitive nipples (which a cool breeze can get erect). Minka repays the favor by eating out Danni's golden-haired snatch. They get into a 69. Danni fingers and tongues Minka's hole, sucks on her nipples some more and then fucks Minka with a big cock-shaped toy. Danni retired in 2006 after selling her website and related companies following an amazing run as an early pioneer of the adult web. Minka is still active to this day while most of her peers have left the world of stripping, modeling and porn. A classic pussy love-in scene of two magnificent beauties.
Minka has enjoyed a long and distinguished modeling career, and she's still going strong. The October '14 SCORE magazine celebrated 20 years of Minka with a cover and a 10-page spread that also looked at her videos including this scene from Tit Attack. In this scene, the notorious hot-sheet fuck palace called The No-Tell Motel is the setting where Minka provides mega-boobed full service. He's been cruising with a pocketful of cash when luck strikes. He sees Minka in a tiny dress on the street outside the motel and is prepared to fall in love inside the No-Tell's "Jungle Paradise" room with mirrored ceiling and a vibrating bed that takes dollars. During the production of the opening street scene, Minka's imposing presence was not overlooked by a lot of horny, horn-blasting drivers. Luckily, no one was rear-ended and no hapless pedestrians were run over. This is Miami, after all, city with the worst drivers in America. Matt turns out to be a fussy, verbally demanding customer once they get busy, and he puts Minka into more unusual and over-the-top fucking positions than she bargained for. Fucking the tight cunt of a legend inspired him. It's a real jerk-off porn scene.
This scene from SCORE Xtra #9 has no theme or plot. Minka kneels on a pillow and is already sucking Steve's thick cock when it begins. The blow job is very lengthy and shot from different and interesting angles as well as P.O.V. The tit-fuck is P.O.V. also. Minka balances on the bed when they start fucking. First, Minka's penetrated from behind. Then she gets in bed for more fucking positions. Steve's thick cock makes Minka grimace at times because she has a very tight pussy. The fucking gets more dynamic as Steve manages to shoehorn his cock in her. Minka talked about tit-fucking and blow jobs. "If the man is on top, how can he handle my tits?" Minka says. "They have to balance their bodies, so I have to squeeze my tits together. I squeeze hard and tight so I can hold the penis. I tie it up with my titties. "I often tit-fuck on my knees, and if you don't like to come on top of me, you can lay on your back, and I'll get on top and put your penis between my tits, and I'll rub all over your penis, top and bottom, with my tits and nipples. I'll get on my knees and give you a blow job if you want to cum that way. But most guys just want to fuck my titties. They want to feel them, suck them, and then they want to fuck them. Any girl can give them a blow job, right? "It depends on what size you are. Two inches? Three inches? Yes. Big ones, I can see the head. Maybe seven inches. But if a guy is three or four inches long, they're hiding! I cannot even see it! Men like it very much when their penises disappear between my boobs."
This video was shot during The Mega-Boobs Olympics. Everyone was interviewed at various locations at different times by SCORE's editor Dave. Minka is wearing a bra, short skirt and sneakers. She's commando and her skirt doesn't conceal her bare pussy. First they talk about Minka's phone sex calls at home and what the guys like her to do. They discuss her thick pussy lips, her huge tits and what gets both her callers and Minka hot. Minka has a great sense of humor and is very funny. She fucks herself with a toy and plays with her prominent nipples, describing everything she's doing to herself in amazing detail.