Minka: Fan Fuck P.O.V.

Minka: Fan Fuck P.O.V.

The last time we saw Minka, we asked her about shooting again.

"Whenever you want," Minka replied. "Whenever my fans want. You guys call and I'll come back again."

So we did, as we've done since she was the covergirl of her debut issue, October 1994 SCORE.

Today, Minka invites you to have a fantasy private party. She leads you to the bed where she will suck, tit-bang and fuck you until your balls are drained dry.

Minka tells you to feel her nipples. Long and hard, Her nipples are like her fingerprints. Totally unique. "Number one nipples," Minka calls them. Nipples that can cut a diamond. The bra she wears exposes her pointers and most of her areolae. She wants you to pinch her nipples and pull them. Nipple play gets her hot. Minka has a big clit, too, and she likes to rub it when a cock is buried inside her pussy.

You feel the size and weight of her mega-boobs. You rub them, eager to stick your cock between her fantasy breasts. She sits on the edge of the bed and pulls…
Featuring: Minka
Date: June 5th, 2023
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