Mystery Date With Minka

Mystery Date With Minka

When Ryan McLane calls an agency for a date, he has specific needs. Asian. Really big tits. A woman with the biggest tits they know. McLane emphasizes really big tits. They tell him they have someone who's just right.

When the mystery date shows up at McLane's house, he's stunned when he hears her say "Minka is here." A major fan of Minka since he first saw her videos and photos, McLane is all over Minka like he's glued to her. Before they get to the bedroom, he's licking her long nipples, licking her bushy pussy and playing tongue hockey. She's out of her clothes and completely nude when they finally get on the bed to suck and fuck.

One of the funniest SCORE Girls ever, Minka is one of the few stars who is not a fan of giant porn cocks and she's made it known in her own unique way.

"I have a very small pussy, so I like small dicks. My favorite kind of dick is five inches! Little dicks, I enjoy. It's more exciting. But with big dicks, I cannot move. I can fuck, but it's…
Featuring: Minka
Date: May 22nd, 2023
Photos: 80

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