Saturday Night Boob Fever

Saturday Night Boob Fever

Burn the mother down. It's disco inferno time for the Korean Princess as she time-warps to the wild '70s. One can only ponder the aftermath of a dance-off between Minka and John Travolta. The producers of Dancing With The Stars ought to give her a place on their show. Wherever Minka goes, all eyes are on her. Tennis practice every morning keeps her in unbelievable shape. She's in better physical condition than girls in their 20s.
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5 years ago 
OMG....Minka is just stunning....brings rocket to his knees...such a gorgeous figure...those luscious boobs, mounted on that gorgeous frame with those wonderful shapely hips, nice tiny beautiful firm cheeks and those presious shoes with that gorgeous belt drives rocket wild...oh would be some special to dance with Minka, just love stroking with these beautiful photo's time well spent Thanks Minka :)

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