London Keeps Calling

London Keeps Calling

All of Minka's '90s shoots, with the exception of the Boob Cruise 1997 and 1998 layouts, were produced in Great Britain where photographer John Graham maintained a studio.This London pictorial was shot in 1997. Minka would fly over from the States and the company would put her up in a hotel.

During these years, Minka was a bachelor party stripper in the States and also travelled to various clubs as a feature. She was a big favorite in Hawaii. Minka had picked up dancer techniques from Lisa Lipps and Casey James who were then popular features on the big-bust circuit.

"On-stage, I would take tips between my boobs. A little thing I got from Lisa and Casey was sometimes the guy would hold the money in his mouth, and I would take it from him by squeezing my boobs together. And I would always have eye contact with every man. They were horny! The hornier they were, the more money came out."
Featuring: Minka
Date: July 13th, 2020
Photos: 30

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